Pure reflex.

Now before I start there's just a couple of things you have to remember. Number one, you have to remain calm. Right? Number two, you have to show no fear because the sharks, you see, the sharks can sense that fear. Just as easily as they can sense blood. And so it went for me. Just as I knew it would. Just as nature had ordained its jaw wide open, row upon row of these razor sharp teeth glinting underwater like jagged diamonds, its tailfin sweeping back and forth as it surged in for the kill. I swear to God my whole life flashed before my eyes. Really, I had nothing left to offer except for pure reflex. Pure reflex, and mankind's basic drive for survival that somehow shouts, "No, I will not die today!" 

The Beach (2000), Danny Boyle.

Para Chubby, que sacó las fotos y se lo extraña mucho. Gracias por las postales!