Stanley Kubrick.

So Steven Spielberg dies and goes to heaven and when he get to the gates he meets Gabriel who says, "It's great to meet you. God really loves your work, if there's anything you need come to meet me I'm your man". And Steven says, "Well, you know, I always wanted to meet Stanley Kubrick, do you think you could arrange that? And Gabriel looks at him and he says, "You know Steven, of all the things you could for why would you asked for that? You know Stanley doesn't take meetings. "Well, you said it it was anything I wanted." And Gabriel says, "I'm sorry, I can't do that". Later that day Gabriel is giving a guided tour around heaven when Steven sees this bearded guy wearing an army jacket, riding a bicycle and Steven says to Gabriel, "Oh my God, look over there, that's Stanley Kubrick, couldn't we just stop and say hello?" and Gabriel pulls Steven to the side and says, "That's not Stanley Kubrick, that's God, he just thinks he is Stanley Kubrick."

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